about me

Hi, I'm Helen.

I was raised in Texas, spent six years in NYC finishing grad school, working in media, and freezing, and have finally settled down in sunny Los Angeles with my one-eyed poodle, Wink.

I've been making jokes IRL for 29 years and online for three years. I've also been working both in and out-of-house at big name brands as a content creator, copywriter, strategist, and blogger. I guess you can call me a "creative." I've had a string of successful writing gigs, most notably a weekly Playboy column about digital culture, sex, and celebrity. I have bylines in Vice, Quartz, BBC, Notion Magazine, Billboard, InStyle, Thinx, PopMech, and Playboy. Btw, I didn't go to school for any of this — I studied the Soviet Union. Ask me about it. 🙃

In my down time, I'm meditating, writing tweets and essays, making memes, recording podcasts, and working on a book proposal. I like to use my work and platform to highlight cultural issues and make people (and myself) laugh.

I'm available for select freelance projects and in-office shift work in copywriting, social, strategy, and editorial. Get in touch with me now!

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