Helen Donahue is a writer and social + digital marketing specialist based in LA.

about me

Hi, I'm Helen. I'm an LA-based journalist and social media consultant from Dallas, Texas. After studying Russian history and English lit in college, I relocated to NYC to continue pursuing Russian studies, obtaining my M.A. in 2014. Following a last-minute internship at BBC America, I immersed myself in the digital media sphere, creating viral campaigns for and directing both written and social content for Quartz, Vice, Thinx, PopMech, and Super Deluxe, where I was hired as Social Media Director in 2017 and rerouted from New York to California. I’m responsible for driving Super Deluxe's social media to an award-winning status and ramping up traffic 218% until the company shuttered in late 2018. I have expert knowledge of social media and emerging platforms—I’ve grown my own social media following to an audience of more than 60k since mid-2017.


I specialize in Gen Z and millennial-centric content surrounding both pop and digital culture, sex, and social media trends, which are often points of interest in my weekly column at Playboy. I use my work and platform to highlight inclusive cultural issues and make people laugh. I’m currently working on a children's book as well!


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